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We propose our method to…
those who decided to achieve a serious muscular development and strength increase, weight loss in a short time, or just shape their body with individually performed workouts.
With the workout philosophy proposed by the SPARROWBAG® method, beginners and already trained athletes will find their own level and satisfaction in the progress and results since it stimulates muscles in a very special way. How is all that possible here you can read about that.
For individual use
Circuit workout containing simple exercise elements
A SPARROWBAG® workout may substitute or complement strength training sessions already included in the schedule. A short series of exercises (12 basic exercises) is the basis of the method, stimulating all parts of the body.
The principle of circuit training is to have the athlete do 8-10 times a same exercise, then immediately start the next one – going through all the 12, in a given order. Then repeat the series after a short, 1-2 minute break. Repetitions for one exercise and the number of series to be performed give diversity to workout programs.
SPARROWBAG® CORE training for your core/torso that gives results fast
A balanced stimulus and load of both stabilizers and motor muscles ensures that the whole muscle system is developed. Exercises are not done isolated, like e.g. usual abdominal exercises, but each move develops simultaneously several muscle groups. The specially designed shape of the bag provides for even more results. Since the filler is unstable within the bag, and hold requires focus, muscles otherwise problematic to stimulate are also involved in the workout.
Exercises put an obvious emphasis on torso functions therefore the method improves body posture, coordination, thus making the work of limbs more efficient as well. Read more about CORE training in Downloadable documents.
Downloadable free workout program and complementary exercises
Workout Calculator - could be found on our web page - offers for all age groups a precisely determined workout schedule, with regards to the athlete's gender, weight, even one's fitness level. You will find programs built on the basic exercises, and these can either result in a quick, explosive change, or one may just maintain conditioned levels with. Or, you can schedule for your own long-term development, going step by step.
Our web page also presents additional exercises to those who wish to push their limits further for one given sport.
Filled for one's needs, may be used anywhere, time-saving
Not even need to go to the gym if one uses the SPARROWBAG® sandbag. Unique filler system allows for progressive load increases, so that body receives new stimuli regularly. A full set of traditional weights can be replaced with a single bag, the sand used as filler (burned stone sand) may be purchased in a nearby construction material’s store.
It can be used anywhere: 1m2 is all we need. You can use it outdoor, indoor, on vacation, or whenever you feel a need for a little stimulation.
It is a most time-saving workout: repeating 2-3-times a full series of exercises around 15-20 minutes. This time is sufficient to move a total weight corresponding to that of a normal workout done in a gym with weight. But we do it with short, quick repetitions and at a higher intensity.

Safe to use
The use of the SPARROWBAG® is remarkably safe from several aspects. Holds are challenging, and shape is ergonomic: the weight of the bag is close to the body’s central line of gravity, therefore it develops very efficiently body muscles even in the long term, while saving joints from stress. Designed with zero sharp edge, or hard surface, and the filler moving inside the bag, we can cause no harm when used, neither to user or its environment. This is one of the reasons why we recommend it for youngster and children. It can be stored simply and safely.
For beginners and for advanced athletes alike
Downloadable programs, videos featured on the web page and visual descriptions will help all to get accustomed easily with the way to use the bag, and the various exercises. We advise to first get familiar with the basic exercises then diversify with complementary moves. You may get some advice from the menu Select sport, where individual exercises are shown, also for advanced-level.

Have a look at our Uploaded Videos, where many exercises are featured, download your own training schedule, or read more about the advantages offered by the SPARROWBAG® as well as related principles, and concepts.
We recommend SPARROWBAG® method to those fitness gyms and personal trainers, who

Esteem important to get aware of up-to-date, new workout trends and methods, and offer them for the benefit of their clients. Because it is a part of their service philosophy that not only should their guests find new workout opportunities visually appealing, but just as effective, these features being key to any sport.
For gyms and personal trainers
High-intensity circuit workout and the tool for doing it
We are talking about today's most popular yet most intense workout method. The SPARROWBAG® circuit workout is an easy-to-set-up schedule, exercises are simple to prepare and monitor. All exercises are done with one single tool, providing maximal stimuli to the torso stabiliser muscles, and proportional, healthy balance of motor & stabiliser muscles in general.
Functional torso/ core training
The greatest advantage offered by the SPARROWBAG® sandbag is that the filler material makes micro-moves during exercises, activating muscle groups with stabilising function, which in turn provides for the more efficient work and development of motor muscles. This not only promotes enhanced muscle performance, but also increases the body’s coordination ability, ensuring a correct body posture. Well-conditioned torso muscles provide a sound base for limbs movement.
Iron weights, medicine balls, kettlebells may be safely and effectively replaced by SPARROWBAG®
The SPARROWBAG® has it all to meet requirements of today’s functional strenght training, a goal of several tools and products on the market. The circuit workout with our proprietary sandbag reaches high-intensity stimulation levels (pulse in the 160-170 bpm range). Rest time is decreased and reduced to shift holds. This pushes further limits of lactic acid build-up in muscles. At 8-14 repetitions, weight-loaded exercises effectively teach muscles to adapt, together with a significant fat burning process going on (400-500 kcal / 20 mins).
Effective tool for developing stabilizer muscles
Functionality it is of key importance to determine the balance between stabilizer and motor muscles since the co-operation of these two groups makes up for the quality of a movement. It is well-known that the most effective tool for developing stabilizer muscles is the sandbag. In the case of the SPARROWBAG®, you get it with a free-of-holds, unique design. This makes handling more challenging, ensuring, together with the ever-moving sand filler, an optimum development of stabilizer muscles structures of the body.
Promotes optimal body posture
Thanks to the unique ergonomic shape of the SPARROWBAG ® sandbag, it is not required to keep a hold all along an exercise many moves can be performed without holds, laying the bag on various parts of the body, providing some rest to the arms.
Since exercises are done close to the middle line of body weight (the spine), joints are relieved from stress, muscles take a maximum load, due to correct body posture.
SPARROWBAG® may be used by several guests simultaneously (requires little space and no machine)
Circuit workout done with tha bag offers the great advantage to be easily organised, a key aspect for personal trainers wishing to work with groups. Since it is time-saving and simple to apply, it is an excellent complementary tool for strenght training sessions.
SPARROWBIC – A new challenge for aerobic funs!
Most importantly the SPARROWBAG® is a motivating basic tool for group aerobic programmes, developing not only strenght endurance, but also excellent for body shaping, fat burning and muscle tone.
Learn more about this novel method, or become SPARROWBIC trainer. More information here!
Have a look at the Uploaded Videos, where you will find a range of exercises, or read even more about advantages offered by the SPARROWBAG®.
We recommend our method to those athletes and trainers, who

Desire to improve the quality of strength conditioning by systematic development of stabilizer muscles of the body and are open-minded about novel, innovative training methods based on scientific evidence some key attributes.
For professional athletes and coaches
SPARROWBAG®, as a training method
  • Functionality:
    By actively involving stabiliser muscle groups in weight-training, functionality of motor muscles is also improved. General strength level increases, with the added performance of theses different muscle groups working better together. Torso muscles also adapt to the new type of load, known as „Core training” in sports sciences.
  • Time-efficient workouts:
    The method provides a significant time-saving for any given sport. It offers the possibility to reorganise effectively strenght training sessions and programmes, opening new ways to improve the quality of any applied conditioning schedule.
  • Planning, organizing advantages:
    Simple solutions are offered for workout schedules, as highly efficient on-site group circuit workouts under trainer control.

The SPARROWBAG® sandbag as a tool
  • No external holds:
    Different from usual sandbags, the SPARROWBAG®’s designer shape makes a given exercise more challenging, hence more efficient. The difficulty level is increased not only by the weight.
  • Ergonomic shape with sand filler:
    The shape adapts to the body, with instable sand filler creating a more demanding training tool, adding to the functionality of the training method.
  • Progressive load increase:
    You can simply increase the load of the filler, thereby increasing workout difficulty level of the SPARROWBAG®, proposing new levels of adaptation for your body.
  • Safety:
    Due to its homogeneity, the sandbag is very safe, even when used for dynamic moves. An added safety factor is that it is difficult to hold, rendering impossible the use of weight unproportionally heavy for arms and hands, preventing overload.
  • Friendly:
    Children, invalid people may be trained efficiently for functional strenght and motion range increase.
  • Cost- and room-efficient:
    Very cost- and room- efficient compared to other functional sports tools.
Have a look at the Uploaded Videos, where you will find a range of exercises, or read even more about advantages offered by the SPARROWBAG®.