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Dynamic exercises

We recommend these exercises for the following sports: martial arts, basketball, handball, tennis, athletics, fencing, gymnastics, skiing, ice-hockey …etc.

Stand in offensive position. Hold the bag from both sides and let it go down in front of the rear knee. Swing the knee forward while holding the bag as high as it goes then return to starting position. Repeat exercise to other side.
Stand shoulder-width. Down in squat position until knees are bent in 45° angle, the SPARROWBAG is lowered to knee level. Stand up dynamically, starting the movement by pulling the shoulders back, followed by pulling arms to chin level. When in upright position, arms are swung in upper position, the SPARROWBAG is lifted above the head. Movement shall be performed in a continuous fashion, with the SPARROWBAG traveling along the movement's arch.
Put the SPARROWBAG symmetrically on the back of the neck and hold it on both sides. Stand shoulder width, and then lower to squat position by drawing hip backward, like sitting on a chair, until thighs roughly reach the 75° angle, stopping the movement for a second before jumping up.
Put the SPARROWBAG symmetrically on the top of the chest, and hold it on both sides. Push dynamically the SPARROWBAG upward/forward in 45° angle, while stepping forward with one leg. Get back into starting position then repeat exercise by stepping forward with the other leg. This exercise should also be performed in continuous fashion.
Lay on the back, knees pulled up, and elbows bent, keeping the SPARROWBAG with both hands above the chest. Push away dynamically the SPARROWBAG vertically away, and then receive the falling SPARROWBAG with arms extended and lower it back immediately to the chest. This exercise should also be performed dynamically, without stopping between repetitions.
Put the bag on the back of the neck and for starting position get in lunge position so the knee of the front leg is bent to 90 degrees. Push yourself upwards from the ground. Change leg so that stretching front leg and flinging back leg forwards. Arrive in starting position so that front leg should touch down before back leg. Repeat the exercise on other side as well.
Put the bag on the back of the neck then squat till the knees are bent to 90 degrees. Jump dynamically upwards with stretching legs and return to starting position with continuous drift.
Lay the bag on the back of the neck and hold it steady on both sides. Stand in starting position in front of the box. Step up on the box with right leg. While steping up fling left leg with high knees and push hip a bit upward-forward. Step back to starting position, change leg and repeat exercise.
with leg switch
Put the bag on the back of the neck. Stand in front of the box and for starting position put your right leg on the box. Push yourself with both legs simultaneously upwards and change legs in the air so reverse leg should arrive on the floor and back on the box. Repeat exercise in the opposite direction as well.
with raised legs
Put the bag on the stomach, lay on back with stretched legs and arms high in the air. Lift the upper body and the legs slowly. Touch the feet with the arms. Get back to starting point.
Sit down with stretched legs. Put the bag on the back of the neck and hold it on both sides. For staring point lift the legs up from the ground, so that pulling in left knee while keeping straight right leg above the ground and then turn the trunk to the left and touch the left knee with your right elbow. Repeat exercise on other side as well.
with upward jerk
Lay flat – facing the ground. Put the bag in the neck and keep it from both sides. Lift the body slowly. When the body is up, do dynamic push out with the bag in app. 30° forward and upward. Get back with the body with the bag in the neck to starting position.
Put the bag on the back of the neck. Descend in press-up. Keep upright posture while letting yourself down with bending elbows. Push your body upward with stretching the arms dynamically so the palms should not touch the floor for a second. When getting back to the floor let the body down in starting position.
Good to know
A lower phase of difficulty is when leaning on knees during press-up.
with jump
Lay the SPARROWBAG symmetrically on the back of the neck and hold it on both sides. Step forward to then shift legs with a jump. Repeat moves dynamically, without resting.