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Reasons for using the SPARROWBAG®:
- it is an innovative training method appropriate for all kinds of sports
- a 20-minute workout at the basic level is equivalent to the physical demand of 1 hour’s training at the gym
- saves time and workouts can be performed anywhere
- can be used individually or in a group
- easy-to-learn
- individually tailored training schedules can be downloaded
- skill development e.g.: balance, posture
- injury preventative effect
- safe to use (significantly safer than any other training tool currently available)
- equivalent to a full set of weights all-in-one (therefore very cost-effective)
- stores easily
- can be used for rehabilitation purposes as well
Who do we recommend SPARROWBAG® to?
The SPARROWBAG® is both an innovative piece of sport equipment and at the same time a comprehensive training method. SPARROWBAG® exercises are suitable for simultaneous development of the whole body’s musculature. Impressive results can be achieved with the simple exercises even in a short period of time. Exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere, individually or in groups. It is recommended for anyone from the age of 10.
For beginners - Due to the bag’s safe usage, it is great equipment for those users to develop their general muscles and fitness level. To facilitate this, individual training guidelines can be downloaded free of charge directly from the website.
Those who like training in groups can meet with their bags at the gym or at other fitness oriented events or aerobic activities.
For professional athletes it can be incorporated into their training program as a supplementary accessory or as an independent workout. In addition to the basic exercises, sport-specific complementary exercises can be downloaded from the website.
Filling the bag
The weight of the SPARROWBAG® should be adjusted to our own, actual fitness level. The bag is filled with the help of its funnel to the desired starting weight, which can be monitored by the scale on the side of the bag. Dry sand should be used as filler! Following filling, close the SPARROWBAG®’s feed opening by simply folding its neck and securing it with the Velcro.
Bag Design
In designing the final shape of the SPARROWBAG®, we analyzed different exercises and their relevant grasping forms. What leads to effective physical development is not only grasp difficulty, but also the adjustment of weight. Therefore, it was important that for filling the SPARROWBAG®, it should be easy to open and close. The material of the bag is water-repellent, therefore the sand inside stays dry and its various parts are stitched together with extra strong thread.
How the SPARROWBAG® works?
The SPARROWBAG® has been designed primarily to involve and exercise those muscles that are not stimulated during a typical training session at the gym. The SPARROWBAG® fits the body ergonomically. Furthermore, because there are no handles or other elements facilitating its grasp and due to the sand content constantly changing its shape, it forces the development of otherwise neglected muscles. Since this equipment is not easy to hold, it prevents the movement of weights which are disproportionately heavier than the hand or arm’s strength, as a result, the risk of overload is eliminated. Its shape, material and sand filling make it particularly safe.
The 12 basic exercises are capable of stimulating the entire body. We can increase training intensity at will by repeating the number of sets for each exercise, or by repeating entire exercise series as well as by adjusting the weight of the SPARROWBAG® itself. In this way we can attain a highly varied training program, preventing our body from becoming overly adapted to a specific level of physical demand.
Initial observations
A particularity of Decathlon (100m, 400m, and 1500m running, long-jump, shot-put, high jump, 110m hurdles, discus throw, pole-jump, javelin throw) is that athletes have to simultaneously excel in terms of speed, strength, endurance, and coordination. Harmonizing these aptitudes requires the design of a professionally very precisely determined training schedule.
With a highly-trained professional athlete it is difficult to reach spectacular and fast improvements. This, however, is exactly what happened. The athletes completed 10 basic exercises, twice a week with the bag. The initial weight of the bag, 20kgs increased to nearly 50 kg by week 9. The effect was shocking: In addition to gaining 15% in muscle strength, athletes also experienced a significant improvement in coordination and the amount of time required for regeneration following training sessions decreased by 50%.
The name „SPARROW”
The product name “SPARROWBAG” was inspired by the surname, Sparrow, of the head coach who supported the method.
The idea of the SPARROWBAG® can be traced back to the early 90’s when a group of selected decathlon athletes of the European Continental team were preparing at the Brigham Young University (BYU), Provo City (Utah, USA) for a 9-week foundation-building training camp. At that time, the coach in charge of strength conditioning, along with the athletes – unaware of the training facilities offered by the university – decided to incorporate new, simple but effective elements into the training program.
One of these elements was a bag filled with sand, which served primarily as a substitute for the possible lack of weight training equipment. The bag was made from a cut out piece of a pair of jeans and it was filled with sand ”borrowed” from the long-jump area.
During these 9 weeks, the method resulted in unexpected improvements and this is what substantiated the tradition of the bag. The bag progressively found its place among the training programs of other sports disciplines where a well-balanced development of muscles is fundamental to the physical culture of the given sport.